My Career, Sans Ladder

September 29, 2005

The speed of progress

In my last post I mentioned how I've made a lot of partial attempts at changing my career and I might have a reason why. I think I've become more used to the pace of "busy-ness" than to real productivity.

If you were to look at my desk right now you'd see halfway read books on Project Management, Data Warehousing, Photoshop, and Corporate Strategy, among others. Reading is one thing, but taking the time to really digest, contemplate, and synthesize new ideas is quite different.

I think it's similar feeling with reading blogs vs. writing one. I can read through 100 different posts in a couple of hours, but sometimes it takes me just as long to write a single post. That sense of speed is something that I think can become addicting in a way. It just doesn't feel like I'm getting as much done when I'm working on something of more substance. Hopefully as I continue to do more "real work" I will become better adjusted to this new flow.


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