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October 07, 2005

7 Steps to Conscious Career Building

Found in the comments, here's a cliff notes version of 7 steps to Conscious Career Building:
1. Abundance: conscious careers begin with abundance; a visceral feeling of trust in life, self-esteem, and the value of being who you are in the world. What do you do easily, naturally, effortlessly?

2. Feeling: What do you care about? What makes you indignant enough to change yourself and/or the world? If passion is not consciously present, symptoms are. Symptoms (defined here as anything on any level that bothers you or moves you) are the harbingers of passion.

3. Focus: What is the one area, that if you focused on it in the next six-months, you would feel supremely good about yourself?

4. Sharing: to focus on making a contribution, of developing win/win situations in all transactions with others. A key question to ask in vocational development is, "Who, where, and what is my community," for another name for a community is a "market!"

5. Creativity: If the job you want does not presently exist, you can create it! In this realm, you learn to re-envision your work and the purpose of your work. What is the highest possibility you can imagine for your project, product, or service? Have the courage to dream, and to build from the deepest place within you. "In dreams begin our responsibilities."

6. Spirit: "There is a place that needs you and a place where you need to be. See these two coming together."

7. Mystery: No matter how many "steps" we follow, there is a mystery underneath and around our lives. More often than not, we draw the circumference of possibility too tight around our limited ideas.


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