My Career, Sans Ladder

October 24, 2005

Web sites are like disposable razors

"Very sharp for a while until they grow so dull they're painful and it's time to toss them out and get a new one."

via the Evhead archives, via Glassdog.

Speaking of dull, sick of the quotes yet?? Big news soon...

ps: much belated thanks to Hugh, Evelyn, Rajan, Worthwhile, and Millionaire Socialite for the links...appreciate all the traffic you guys have helped generate 'round here. Special thanks to MS as he helped this blog become the #1 Google result for "wayward twenty-something" parents (if they read blogs) would be so proud.


  • You give me too much credit :)

    I'm the #1 google for "Millionaire Socialite", which means that I'm due for a Birkin bag full of ass-kicking once Paris finds out.

    By Anonymous phil leif, at 7:05 AM  

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