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December 02, 2005

Found elsewhere

Since I haven't dedicated much time to writing my own stuff lately I figured I'd fall back on a trusted cheat to getting a new post out...blockquotes!

From a cool (new to me) blog called Eyeteeh:

"I've been thinking about the role of art in society...keep coming back to a conversation that says, basically, because art doesn't compute, because it doesn't fit into a progress-oriented, Cartesian mindset, it has value.

That is, one of art's values is to simply be a rare alternative to achievement, forward motion, and strict logic."

That's it? Art's valuable because it's not linear, an alternative to achievment? Maybe it's because I've been a frequent visitor of downtown Chicago (great collection of public art throughout the city) but I feel like there can be so much more to art than simply being "an empty space with no function."

Maybe it's a given that art can be used for much more - to inspire, to make us wonder (in both good and bad ways...iron sun thing near the lake in Milwaukee, I'm looking in your direction), to appreciate beauty/greatness/mastery, etc...Either way, any space that allows one to be "in the moment" more often is a good one IMO.

ps: check out this other cool post from Paul @ Eyeteeh.

pps: what's any of this have to do with careers?? I don't know ;) Just a reminder that when there's a lot of work to be done to try and step back and evaluate the big picture every now and then...or something like that.


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