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April 30, 2006

I went back to school

Only for a day, but was a pretty good day. Here's a collection of related links until I have a full post ready (took lots of notes which will hopefully lead to a lot of ideas).

General links:
Startup School Main Site
Scheduled Speakers

What is Y Combinator?

From the conference:
Tim O'Reilly's talk: How to think about the future
Paul Graham's (word for word) talk
Collection of notes from the other speakers

And for now, here are some notable quotes from the day:

"You make what you can measure" - Joe Kraus
"Find a parade and get in front on it" - Tim O' Reilly
"In a startup there's always a disaster happening" - Paul Graham
"I view money as an errand to get out of the way quickly" - PG
"Foo up fast" - Caterina Fake
"Don't hamster me" - Caterina Fake
"The, it's alright" - Caterina talking about Flickr
"If your product can change a user's behavior you got yourself a winner" - Om Malik

Lastly, my Flickr pics from Startup School.

More soon!


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